African Wild Dog Stoneware 60x60x14 cms.

Crouching Hare Stoneware 20x18x12 cms.

Mother and Baby Elephants Stoneware Large 32x27x13cms. Small 21x21x10cms.

Mother and Baby elephant Stoneware

Detail of Elephant

Cheetah. Stoneware 60x20 x10 cms

Herdwick Sheep Stoneware SOLD

Herdwick Sheep detail of face

Herdwick Sheep in new home with two lambs

Horse Stoneware 41x44x18 SOLD

Detail of horse's head

Detail of Boxing Hares Stoneware

Boxing Hares 35x27x9 cms

Stalking Fox Stoneware and clay paint finish 34x63x24 cms

Stalking fox

Small Lambs Stoneware

Large Lambs Stoneware

Looking Back Hare stoneware 32x20x12 cms

Looking Back Hare Stoneware detail of head

Another hare looking back 32x20x12 cms

Hare Turning Head Stoneware 32x20x12 cms

Moongazing Hare Stoneware with Gold Leaf 30x20x12 cms

Moongazing Hare Stoneware 30x20x12 cms

Sleeping Hare Stoneware 10x25x10 cms

Hare with Flowers 14x30x15 cms

Jugged Hare Competition Entry for Pots in the Pens 2016 SOLD

Pretty Flamingo Competition Entry for Pots in the Pens 2017

Chickens Stoneware 25x20x25 cms Also available in other sizes

Horses head Stoneware and oxides 20x16x7 cms

Winter Hare Stoneware and gold leaf 30x26x12cms

Cheetah Stoneware 38x44x16cms SOLD

Cheetah Stoneware

Large Leaping Hare wall mounted. Stoneware 90x50x8 cms Suitable for inside or outside wall

Small Leaping Hare wall mounted 30x25x7 cms

Crouching Hare Stoneware 20x18x12 cms

Grey Hare Stoneware 37x15x9cms

Resting Fox Stoneware and Gold leaf 28x26x38

Winter Hares Boxing Detail

Winter Hares Boxing Stoneware and Gold Leaf 37x32x9cms

Boxing Hares Stoneware 37x32x9 cms

Boxing Hares Detail

Brown Hare Stretching Stoneware 30x26x12 cms

Winter Hare Stretching Stoneware 30x26x12

Blackbird with White Flowers. Black Clay

Blackbird with Pink Flowers. Black Clay

Elephant Stoneware and Gold Leaf 27x23x16 cms

Horse's Head in BlackClay and Porcelain Slip 20x23x7 cms

Small Brown Hare Stoneware 23x13x9 cms

Smallest Brown Hare Stoneware 20x12x 8cms

Horses heads in black clay mounted on oak plinths

African figures made in stoneware and black clay

Three African women hand built from stoneware clay oxides and glaze